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Ben Lowe

“You are only limited to what you perceive as being possible” Meet Ben Lowe, Founder of INTOFIT coaching.
Ben went from Drug and Alcohol addiction & spending nearly 4 years incarcerated to building a successful coaching business and using his story to help other people to turn their life around!
Growing up Ben was part of a good family who instilled great values and beliefs in him. He grew up in your average middleclass home with nothing too much out of the ordinary happening in his childhood although he always felt as though he didn’t belong and didn’t really fit in.
When he was 13 years old his parents divorced and from here on, things took a turn for the worst. At the young age of 15, he moved out of home and continued schooling whilst working at McDonald’s, he still felt as though he didn’t belong and it was at this point that with the help of his work colleagues, he turned to drugs and alcohol for acceptance.
He started just smoking marijuana but before long was hooked on methamphetamine and spent long periods of time not sleeping and chasing his next hit. This continued for quite some years as he looked up to the wrong people for guidance at his young and vulnerable age. Before long he found himself in jail, spending 4 years incarcerated across the space of a 6 years period.
When released in 2015 he vowed it would be the last time and he started studying his degree in personal training. Still struggling with addiction Ben found himself at a point in his life where he felt emptier than ever before. For the first time in his life he had gainful employment working for a local big box gym as a personal trainer. Even still, he couldn’t shake the grips of ice addiction and it wasn’t until the news that he was going to be a father that came like a smack in the face that he realized he was truly at rock bottom and ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!
Ben walked away from his previous lifestyle and anyone that was associated with it which meant he was back to being alone. This was a familiar place for him but not somewhere that he had been for quite some time and it wasn’t a comfortable place for him to be. His mental health was at an all time low and It was at this point that he started to re-build his life and reinvent himself as the coach that he is today.
One thing that he realized and is a firm believer in is that you are only limited to what you perceive as being possible. When he was in the depth of his ice addiction, the only thing that he saw as being possible was living day to day chasing the next high. It wasn’t until he got the news about being a father that he decided he needed to become someone that his son would be proud to call his father.
Today Ben is the healthiest and strongest he has ever been. Not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. His journey wasn’t something that happened over night, it was years in the making and is still a work in progress.
Everyone has their demons and the more we run away from them, the harder it becomes to finally face them. The minute we stop running and get comfortable with being uncomfortable and start doing the work we need to do to face them is when we finally start living and becoming who we truly are meant to be.
Every bad decision can have a good outcome if you’re willing to do the difficult work on yourself.
Now Ben uses his story to help others who have similar stories to show them that they are truly capable of anything they put their mind to. It might not happen over night but persistence is key and just like everybody, he still has bad days but looking back on how far he has come and the people he has been able to help keeps him in check.
Your story is never set in stone and it is never too late to start making a change!


Time and time again we have people come to us that have been training for years and can’t do the things they use to due to pain when they perform certain lifts or people who have tried challenge after challenge and got amazing results but always seem to end up back at square one.
At INTOFIT we educate our clients around what it takes to get you out of pain and not only how to reach your goals but what it takes to stay there once you do reach them.
We understand that every client is different and brings a different set of skills and strengths as well as limitations and weaknesses to the table so our goal is to help strengthen those weaknesses so that they are no longer something that holds you back and exploit your strengths so that you can get the most out of your training and become the best version of you!
When you become part of INTOFIT you become part of a unique community of like-minded people and although your goals may seem big or scary or out of reach, we are all here to support you through your journey because when you have the right people in your corner, the odds of success are stacked in your favor by 90%.


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