Hi my name is Rory, I am 28 years old and I run a direct sales and marketing company.
I have an extremely busy lifestyle, I work anywhere between 10 and 14 hours a day.
Before starting with intofit I was overweight, unhappy with how I looked, and was stressed. I used alcohol and other substances regularly.

The impact working with INTOFIT has had on my life cannot he understated. Ben has helped me feel stronger, less stressed in my day to day and has greatly helped me improve my relationship with food, drugs and alcohol. I also have lost around 9kg and 10.5cm off my waist.

On top of that Ben is a great guy, always a ray of sunshine and teaches a lot more than just fitness: personal development, mindfulness, problem solving and self control:

I would recommend intofit and ben’s services to anyone of any fitness level that’s looking to take control of their life and make their long term health a priority.

Rory Hannagan

After only 4 weeks my life had completely shifted, it has now been 10 weeks and I am a whole new person inside and out.

The reason why I started seeing Ben was that my life just felt like one big hot mess. I was drinking every day and smoking a pack of cigarettes. I was only eating around 700 calories a day (I thought that was healthy and would help me lose weight). Not only was my physical health suffering, the thought of exercising and even running made me cringe, but my mental health was also at an all-time low. I was having severe anxiety every day and would drink to help my anxiety and it was just a vicious cycle.

When I turned 34 I made a decision that enough was enough and I had to start looking after myself. I decided to quit smoking, limit my bad habits and use that money towards investing in myself which involved joining IntoFIT.

I can hand on heart say that since I have started training with Ben I have not had anxiety, I have stopped taking my anxiety medication, I haven’t had a cigarette, I am now running 6kms without stopping AND I am eating 1600 calories a day looking the best I have ever looked! (I just purchased size 8 jeans which I haven’t done in like 13 years)

This is HUGE for me as I've been in therapy for 12 years to keep my anxiety under control and I can’t believe I have had bigger breakthroughs and seen bigger results in the past 10 weeks than what I have in the past 12 years.

It wasn’t about the body image for me, it was about creating total change inside and out. The scariest part was actually believing in myself that I was worthy of this lifestyle change.

Since having this faith in myself and having Ben also believe in me ~ I've enrolled into uni, I've started a business and I have believed in myself enough to know that all of this was possible and that I actually deserved it… And that is powerful.

So if you're like me and just think that life will keep going and somehow get better. I can tell you it won't. And if it does, it will be a very slow journey with little reward. So trust the process, put your trust in Ben and start living the life you deserve!

Jenna Hughes

Hey my name is Blake Fardell, I am 20 years old, currently doing data and electrical work whilst also racing supercars in the super 3 category. My schedule is pretty full on with work and training.

Before I started with INTOFIT I was not eating properly and not happy with my physique, my mindset stopped me from staying motivated which effected my goals in life with racing and I struggled with training hard and eating well.

Working with INTOFIT has increased my confidence, improved my mindset and now I am more disciplined. The results I have seen in just a month and a half with Ben guiding me are insane. I’m extremely happy with how far I have come in such a short time. I now train 110% every session whilst also enjoying the workouts which Ben provides for me.

Seeing myself lean out week by week and getting the body I want from calorie tracking and nutritional education has boosted my confidence and motivation to another level.

I recommend anyone that is wanting a change in lifestyle and to feel the best they can to have a chat with Ben from INTOFIT. You will not regret it.

Apart from the confidence and motivation I now have, seeing the results I am getting in such a short time with the right guidance just pushes me to go harder every day!

I’m so grateful for deciding to join INTOFIT, definitely one of my best decision I have made and only eyes forward from here!

Blake Fardel

Ben has a big heart.  

If there is one characteristic that those closest to Ben know him for, it would be the care and effort that he puts into his friends, family and clients. It’s been a very special thing to witness firsthand.  

This is a testimonial for Ben; but rather than just speak to those that are feeling unmotivated, directionless or unhealthy. I’d like to speak more to those that already feel like they have their shit together – Because from my experience, everybody can see benefit from a coach.    

Before Ben, I would still workout, I’d set my goals regularly, I’d achieve them. I had a routine that worked, and I was happy just rinsing and repeating that process..  So why get a coach? Well, there’s always a new level, and if you want to get there faster it helps to get someone on your team that either knows the way or cares enough to help you find it.   

As a coach; Ben’s biggest attribute is his ability to really listen. He’s an expert at it. Caring more about why you want to achieve your goals rather than taking them at surface level - He works hard to create an environment where you can open up, connect further to your purpose, and allow you to get to know the most elite version of yourself - From there filling in the gaps is easy.

Speaking from personal experience, whether you’re looking for more structure in your life, whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, have someone to hold you accountable or even just need someone in your corner to push you - Ben is your guy.

If you’re on the fence about signing up with Ben, take my advice: Write a check and jump on board. You won’t regret it. Having Ben on my side has been an absolute blessing. He’s helped me achieve a net positive in most areas of my life, not just fitness. Get it done.

Brad Taylor

Sales & Marketing Busy work Schedule

I was training inconsistently with no program and no structure around my exercise or diet

IntoFit gave me a lot of Clarity, structure, tips and support around health in general.

I would definitely recommend, as the coaching comes from a judgment free space and a genuine care to see individuals hit fitness goals with great support every step of the way.


My life has been like a movie where I am the director. I have chosen the script, the costumes and everyone who will be a part of it. Very early on in life I chose to be fit and healthy however this part of the movie went a bit sideways at various stages of the script. This is not an uncommon thing, which is why there is normally some editing of the movie to do so that things can get back on track.

My movie needed some serious editing requirements a few years ago so I joined a gym and asked for a personal trainer. I was introduced to Ben Lowe and so the sequel to the first movie of my life began. However this time, Ben is the director. LOL.

Ben customized a program for me, after I had told him where my first movie went sideways, and since then my health and fitness part of the movie has been the best part so far. So much more energy for my interests and hobbies, so much more satisfaction with who I am and how I interact with people in general, so much more motivation to stay feeling this amazing.

Its so much easier to be happy and love life when you have a great movie playing. Its so good to get out of bed with motivation and excitement for the day and then to “call it a cut” when the sun sets and you still feel a million dollars.

I did not give up my glass of wine with dinner, I did not give up my cup of coffee for breakfast, but I have learnt what food intake is good for my composition and what food is not, just like a few of the “extras” in that movie that you need to get rid of sometimes. LOL I will definitely be giving INTOfit credits in my movie. Thank you Ben PS. Luckily George Clooney was not in the gym the day I requested a Personal Trainer because I am afraid I would have picked him. LOL

Chris Nott