Hey my name is Blake Fardell, I am 20 years old, currently doing data and electrical work whilst also racing supercars in the super 3 category. My schedule is pretty full on with work and training. Before I started with INTOFIT I was not eating properly and not happy with my physique, my mindset stopped me from staying motivated which effected my goals in life with racing and I struggled with training hard and eating well. Working with INTOFIT has increased my confidence, improved my mindset and now I am more disciplined. The results I have seen in just a month and a half with Ben guiding me are insane. I’m extremely happy with how far I have come in such a short time. I now train 110% every session whilst also enjoying the workouts which Ben provides for me. Seeing myself lean out week by week and getting the body I want from calorie tracking and nutritional education has boosted my confidence and motivation to another level. I recommend anyone that is wanting a change in lifestyle and to feel the best they can to have a chat with Ben from INTOFIT. You will not regret it.Apart from the confidence and motivation I now have, seeing the results I am getting in such a short time with the right guidance just pushes me to go harder every day!I’m so grateful for deciding to join INTOFIT, definitely one of my best decision I have made and only eyes forward from here!