Ben has a big heart. If there is one characteristic that those closest to Ben know him for, it would be the care and effort that he puts into his friends, family and clients. It’s been a very special thing to witness firsthand. This is a testimonial for Ben; but rather than just speak to those that are feeling unmotivated, directionless or unhealthy. I’d like to speak more to those that already feel like they have their shit together – Because from my experience, everybody can see benefit from a coach. Before Ben, I would still workout, I’d set my goals regularly, I’d achieve them. I had a routine that worked, and I was happy just rinsing and repeating that process.. So why get a coach? Well, there’s always a new level, and if you want to get there faster it helps to get someone on your team that either knows the way or cares enough to help you find it. As a coach; Ben’s biggest attribute is his ability to really listen. He’s an expert at it. Caring more about why you want to achieve your goals rather than taking them at surface level – He works hard to create an environment where you can open up, connect further to your purpose, and allow you to get to know the most elite version of yourself – From there filling in the gaps is easy. Speaking from personal experience, whether you’re looking for more structure in your life, whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, have someone to hold you accountable or even just need someone in your corner to push you – Ben is your guy. If you’re on the fence about signing up with Ben, take my advice: Write a check and jump on board. You won’t regret it. Having Ben on my side has been an absolute blessing. He’s helped me achieve a net positive in most areas of my life, not just fitness. Get it done.