My life has been like a movie where I am the director. I have chosen the script, the costumes and everyone who will be a part of it. Very early on in life I chose to be fit and healthy however this part of the movie went a bit sideways at various stages of the script. This is not an uncommon thing, which is why there is normally some editing of the movie to do so that things can get back on track. My movie needed some serious editing requirements a few years ago so I joined a gym and asked for a personal trainer. I was introduced to Ben Lowe and so the sequel to the first movie of my life began. However this time, Ben is the director. LOL. Ben customized a program for me, after I had told him where my first movie went sideways, and since then my health and fitness part of the movie has been the best part so far. So much more energy for my interests and hobbies, so much more satisfaction with who I am and how I interact with people in general, so much more motivation to stay feeling this amazing. Its so much easier to be happy and love life when you have a great movie playing. Its so good to get out of bed with motivation and excitement for the day and then to “call it a cut” when the sun sets and you still feel a million dollars. I did not give up my glass of wine with dinner, I did not give up my cup of coffee for breakfast, but I have learnt what food intake is good for my composition and what food is not, just like a few of the “extras” in that movie that you need to get rid of sometimes. LOL I will definitely be giving INTOfit credits in my movie. Thank you Ben PS. Luckily George Clooney was not in the gym the day I requested a Personal Trainer because I am afraid I would have picked him. LOL