After only 4 weeks my life had completely shifted, it has now been 10 weeks and I am a whole new person inside and out. The reason why I started seeing Ben was that my life just felt like one big hot mess. I was drinking every day and smoking a pack of cigarettes. I was only eating around 700 calories a day (I thought that was healthy and would help me lose weight). Not only was my physical health suffering, the thought of exercising and even running made me cringe, but my mental health was also at an all-time low. I was having severe anxiety every day and would drink to help my anxiety and it was just a vicious cycle. When I turned 34 I made a decision that enough was enough and I had to start looking after myself. I decided to quit smoking, limit my bad habits and use that money towards investing in myself which involved joining IntoFIT.I can hand on heart say that since I have started training with Ben I have not had anxiety, I have stopped taking my anxiety medication, I haven’t had a cigarette, I am now running 6kms without stopping AND I am eating 1600 calories a day looking the best I have ever looked! (I just purchased size 8 jeans which I haven’t done in like 13 years). This is HUGE for me as I’ve been in therapy for 12 years to keep my anxiety under control and I can’t believe I have had bigger breakthroughs and seen bigger results in the past 10 weeks than what I have in the past 12 years.It wasn’t about the body image for me, it was about creating total change inside and out. The scariest part was actually believing in myself that I was worthy of this lifestyle change.Since having this faith in myself and having Ben also believe in me ~ I’ve enrolled into uni, I’ve started a business and I have believed in myself enough to know that all of this was possible and that I actually deserved it… And that is powerful.So if you’re like me and just think that life will keep going and somehow get better. I can tell you it won’t. And if it does, it will be a very slow journey with little reward. So trust the process, put your trust in Ben and start living the life you deserve!